Our Mission

   Since 2016, E.W. Electric, LLC has been a provider of electrical services to customers in the DFW area. The course that E.W. Electric, LLC has taken in providing service to all its customers is indicative of its dedication to finding more advantageous ways of improving its service to the public and clients in the future. 


 As a contracting company, E.W. Electric shares common goals of other contractors. E.W. Electric, LLC strives to uphold the highest standard within the field of electrical contracting, provide a productive and safe work environment while also focusing on individual accomplishments and distinctiveness within the field. The commitment to excellence and responsiveness to the needs of clients individually shall remain the foundation our company is built on. 

 E.W. Electric, LLC promotes the continuation of maintaining quality service electrical work through high standards and developing meritorious working relationships with its clients.   Community relations are enhanced by participation in local civic groups.       

  E.W. Electric, LLC aspires to continually improve itself and the quality of production, assessment and refinement of skills is an obligation to the field of electrical work. E.W. Electric will strive to continue to develop by implementing newer and higher standards in order to remain at the top of the field. E.W. Electric welcomes the input of other parties in order to attain this goal.